Idaho Peak Volleyball Gear


You saw that right! We now have a store for all of your basic Idaho Peak gear needs!

Whether you are the biggest number one fan of your daughter or you are already looking forward to sporting gear of your newest club you are a part of, Idaho Peak has you covered! We have worked with Valley Athletics to design the best store for you browse and find your new game day t-shirt, or your new favorite pair of sweats to wear during warm ups! 

We have included a section of volleyball shoes, spandex, socks, ankle braces, and even you jerseys you will need to order to play for Idaho Peak. You do not need to order all of this gear from our store website, however we strongly suggest wearing ankle braces in the sport of volleyball! You can order them elsewhere if you would like, but please consider wearing ankle braces. 

Enjoy browsing through the store! Gear for parents, athletes, and coaches has all been included for everyone participating with Idaho Peak Volleyball Club.