Parent Meeting Highlights!

If you missed the parent meeting this year for Gold Division, do not fret! We have saved all information you will need to know here. Please read through to make sure you are covered for club season this year. Also, our fundraiser information is stored here as well, and please email us if you have any questions regarding fundraising. Click the buttons below for the documents you need to read through.


Sponsorship Fundraising

Good news Idaho Peak club participants! We do provide a fundraiser to offset your club fee dues! In the past club seasons, athletes who have worked hard to contact businesses actually offset their ENTIRE club dues. We want to give you this information early so you can begin your fundraiser as soon as possible. Follow the instructions below to read instructions, see your documents, and ultimately begin your fundraising!

*All of this information is found on our website under “Boosters,” Your documents you will need are under this tab as well.


Dear Parents,

Welcome to our sweatshirt sponsorship fundraiser! Fundraisers provide an opportunity to defray some of the associated costs for players, giving greater access to kids in Idaho to experience club volleyball. This sponsorship fundraiser is designed to be as easy as possible and provide maximum benefit to each player. Businesses will have the opportunity to sponsor Idaho Peak Volleyball and advertise for their business at the same time. By sponsoring your team, a business will have their name printed on the back of the team sweatshirt, which the girls will wear almost daily. The sweatshirts will provide businesses with an opportunity to have ongoing advertising and show their support for Idaho Peak Volleyball. Since Idaho Peak is a 501(c)3 organization, businesses and individuals can take a charitable tax deduction as long as the donation is dated and returned no later than December 31, 2017 (businesses can post-date their checks).

Here’s how the program works:

• Players approach businesses and ask them to sponsor Idaho Peak Volleyball (see enclosed flyer).

• Sponsors at the $100 or $200 levels or above will be printed by name on the sweatshirts, with the $200 sponsors appearing the largest. Sponsors contributing $25-$99 will be recognized by name on the website.

• Sponsors complete and return the bottom of the flyer to the player with the check, or directly to the address listed below.

• Provide a receipt to the donor using the receipt form (half sheet).

• You do NOT need to get a logo from the sponsor. Only the business name will be listed on the sweatshirt.

• Players are responsible for working with businesses to complete the necessary paperwork. Paperwork and payments should be submitted as they are received. Please do not wait to turn in all sponsorships at one time. Mail the completed paperwork and payment to:

Kaitlyn Zarpentine, 620 N 5th W Saint Anthony ID 83445

• The first $35 received will pay for the player’s sweatshirt. The remaining amount of sponsorships obtained by each player will be deducted from the dues owed and reflected upon your statement.

• Money and sponsorships are due December 31st. Please note, businesses that would like a tax deduction for their donation must have a check dated no later than December 31, 2018 and are to be submitted no later than December 31st.

Go Idaho Peak Volleyball Teams!

To find all of your documents, go to and click on the “Boosters” tab. Scroll until you find the buttons labeled “Business Solicitation Letter” and “Receipt.” Print them out and off you go! Good luck!

2019 Registration

Good news! Only 5 more days until Gold Division tryouts!! Below you will find the instructions for registering for Idaho Peak Volleyball Club Gold Division. Please register before you tryout for Idaho Peak and be prepared to bring $250 deposit that will go to your club fees. We are so excited to see all of you!

Also remember you only need to attend 1 Gold tryout! Whether it is the 13th or the 17th, you just need to attend one in order to play Gold for Idaho Peak.

Instructions below: *You can also find these instructions under the “registration” tab


We are requiring our athletes to register themselves and fill out medical release, as well as player information forms, before trying out for Idaho Peak Volleyball Club. Do not worry, it is super easy to register for us! All you need to do is click on the button below and hop onto Email us if you have any further questions about paperwork or the site. We hope to make this process as easy and efficient for you as possible. Simply follow the directions and link below to register your daughter. 

Athlete Registration Directions

1.      Go to

2.      Click on School Login

3.      Select Idaho as your state and then go to Idaho Peak Volleyball Club

4.      Parents/Guardians need to create an account they can use.  Just fill out the information.

5.      After you create an account as a parent/guardian login with your new account.

6.      Please be sure to remember your username and password.  Put it somewhere where you can remember it.  We have a lot of people forget this.

7.      Click on + Add a new athlete.

8.      You must select which division you will participate in (Gold or Black.)

9.      Fill out the information for your athlete (If you have more than one athlete in your family participating, you will need to create an account for each athlete)

10.  After creating the account click on view profile.

11.  Go to the medical information and click ‘add’ and fill out the information.

12.  Go to the insurance information and click ‘add’ and fill out the information.

13.  When the athlete’s profile is finished you can click on +register for a sport.

14.  Click on the sport you would like to register for.  When you click on the sport you will need to read and fill out the electronic documents that are provided.

15.  When you are done, the parent must e-sign and the athlete must e-sign that you agree and understand the documents.

16.  Fees can be paid to your account with a CC or at tryouts with a check.

17.  Your athlete should be registered for the rest of their club career!

18.   You, the coaches, and the club, will manage all of your athlete’s information, registration, and possibly even communication if necessary through

Rough Draft of 2019 Club Fees

FEES are subject to change!

Also keep in in mind our sponsorship fundraiser we will hold after tryouts. Athletes who work hard on this fundraiser have been known to COMPLETELY offset most/all club costs.



Players are responsible for the following fees (These are non-refundable if player is cut or quits)

USAV Membership Fee  - $55 (USAV tournaments & Intermountain)

(paid online at under membership registration.  Be sure to choose Idaho Peak as the club)

AAU membership – under the EIVA league, use the following code:

2 Club Jerseys:  

Club Fees for Idaho Peak


17’s/18’s       15’s/16’s 13’s/14’s

NUVA/UCVB   (4) $330      (4) $330           (4) $330

EIVA Power   (1) $45 (2) $90           (2) $90

Fees above include: Coaches Hotels: ($125 per tournament) & Travel Reimbursement: ($200 per tournament)

Facility Fee: $60       $60   $60

Sweatshirt Club Fee: $35        $35   $35

Idaho Peak Club Fee        $55         $55 __$55

(equip., coach reg., impact, mailings, AAU coaches reg.)

Monthly Coach Reimbursement   $130    $130  $130

  (4 mo. Coaching @ $250 each month, per coach)

17/’s18’s           15/s16’s 13’s/14’s

Total cost per Individual for travel $655      $700 $700

Fees are paid MONTHLY


 Qualifier tournaments:  (coaches hotel $600, travel - $500, & tournament fee) = cost per individual

Las Vegas/Triple Crown     $285

February 16th – 18th  (16’s, 17’s & 18’s) *this is a huge recruiting tournament

SoCal (Vegas) $275

April 6th - 8th (15’s - 17’s)

Colorado Crossroads:         $275

March 9th-11th (13’s-15’s)

March 15th-March 16th  (16’s – 18’s)

PNQ – Spokane:           $275

March 22nd – 24th (15’s, 16O, 17’s & 18’s)

March 29th – March 31st  (14’s, 16U, 16A)

Far Western – Reno: $300

April 13th - 15th (14’s – 15’s)

April 26th - 28th  (15’s – 18’s)

JO’s/AAU Nationals: $350 (estimation)

June  (the range – varies for ages which dates)


     **the $250 tryout fee is applied towards these dues.

     ** Black 14’s – 17’s:  team will play in Utah and Idaho.

     **Gold  15’s – 18’s teams will play a travel schedule to Utah, Idaho – and at least 2 Qualifier tournaments.



      **$250 tryout fee is applied towards these dues (Payment due on or before tryout)

      **Black 14’s – 17’s:  team will play in Utah and Idaho

      **Gold 15’s – 18’s: teams will play a travel schedule to Utah, Idaho – and at least 2 Qualifiers

      **Complete forms at (Medical Waiver, Player Contract, Player Info – due on or before tryout)

      **MEC Waiver available at to be printed, completed, returned to coach

Basketball VS. Club

We hear it quite often as administrators and coaches of club volleyball. “I cannot do club because I play basketball.” Sometimes that is added with “my coach won’t let me,” or “I won’t have time to do club because of practices.” We have heard it all. And still, we encourage kids to do club volleyball AND basketball.

At Idaho Peak, we have ultimately made the decision to work with basketball! We understand school season means a large commitment of time and it does indeed come first. That is why we start club volleyball tournaments after basketball season, beginning in February. You heard that right. After basketball season.

We do not believe in only participating in volleyball at Idaho Peak. In fact, we encourage kids to play basketball (or other sports.) The correlation between the two sports is outstanding and beneficial to both sports. In other words, playing multiple sports helps develop you as a better athlete!

Black Division VS. Gold Division

Are you looking forward to club season but are not quite sure what it entails? Here at Idaho Peak, we have two divisions that make up our club. We have a Black Division and a Gold Division and both divisions compete at a competitive level however there are a few differences. We will go over the main differences between the two divisions in this post so that you are sufficiently informed enough to decide which to try out for this season! The underlying theme of Idaho Peak is to create an environment for both players and coaches to have a memorable and competitive experience playing club volleyball. Both Black and Gold divisions will create the opportunity for you (or your daughter) to improve your (or her) volleyball skills and be further ready for the upcoming school season. So, you (or your daughter) is ready to play club for Idaho Peak, but you are not sure which division to try out for? Here are the main aspects of both Black and Gold division so that you may make the informed decision before try outs come around.

Black Division

If you are looking to play competitive volleyball and stay somewhat close to home for tournaments, then Black Division is the choice for you. Black Division offers you the chance to play against competitive teams in Utah and in Southeast Idaho without the hassle of traveling further away. This division also costs anywhere between $700 in club fees (fundraiser available, check news to see details or attend the upcoming parent meeting that will be announced soon.) You will practice twice maximum per week with your team and you will not have to worry about basketball conflicts because tournaments will start after basketball season in February. Playing for a Black Division team will increase your experience with the game of volleyball and offer you the chance to get more touches or repetitions to improve your skills. For this division, you will only compete on Fridays and Saturdays. You will not compete on a Sunday, ever! You will stand the chance to be noticed by some college recruiters IF you are looking to play college volleyball after high school. However, if you are serious about playing college volleyball, then you will want to look at the Gold division tryouts. Read below to find out more.

Gold Division

Gold Division will play in the same Utah and local tournaments of Southeast Idaho as the Black Division, however it is slightly different in the fact that teams will also compete in at least 2 Qualifier tournaments. Qualifier tournaments are 3 day long tournaments in major cities such as Denver, Spokane, Las Vegas, or Reno and the winners of these tournaments earn a “bid” to compete in the Jr. Olympics during summer. (Side note here: if you want to compete in the Jr. Olympics if you qualify, it is up to your team and your coach to actually attend the tournament. See your coach for more details). Qualifiers are the best opportunity to improve in strides due to the fact that you will play competitive every match each day. Qualifiers usually go through the weekend, so you will have to compete on Sunday if you choose to play for Gold. You will also notice if you attend a qualifier, numerous college coaches/recruiters from all divisions and levels will attend. Being seen by a college recruiter/coach will increase your chance to sign or walk on with a college if that if your choice to pursue after high school. We have had the majority of our players who participate in Gold contacted by colleges all over the nation after they have played in a Qualifier. Gold division costs will range anywhere between $1,000-$1,400 in fees. The qualifiers are more expensive to attend. Gold division will also not interfere with basketball season since tournaments will begin once basketball season is finished.

As a former participant of club, I would highly recommend pursuing the division that will provide YOU the best opportunity for your needs. Club is a major time commitment, especially if you pick Gold and make a Gold team. Please understand that if you put the time commitment into club, it will give back in improved volleyball skills and memories! If you struggle with time commitment, neither Black or Gold divisions will meet your needs as an individual. Club is designed to create better success for the school season and in some cases, create a chance to be recruited by college. Players have improved playing both divisions, so one division will not necessarily guarantee you a spot on your high school team, but it will improve your chance to make a team. Club volleyball is a wonderful experience, so hopefully you will better informed for you decision to try out this season! Please email us if you have further questions or comment on this post.

First Tournament Checklist

Dear parents, athletes, and coaches,

We have our first tournament coming up this weekend! YAY! Finally!

With that being said, please make sure that the following are taken care of before you head out this weekend:

1. Print out AAU cards! Parents please print out your daughter's cards and have your daughter give that card to her coach at the next practice time. Coaches you need to print off your cards as well! You will need to have these on you at all times. We suggest you place them in a binder/folder and keep them with you. 

2. You need to print out lineup sheets as well! You will have access to those forms here on the website. Go to the "Forms" section and you will find a link that will have those sheets for you to print out. 

3. You may visit...

...for information on the tournament and to see the flow chart with your team assignments for this weekend. 

JERSEYS CAME IN THIS WEEK THANK HEAVENS! Everyone will receive their jerseys at their next practice. 

This is a one day tournament on Saturday. If you are wanting to book a hotel room, we do not have any blocked rooms schedule for you! So you will need to search your gym on the UCVA website and find the closest hotel that works best for you! If you do not want to schedule a hotel, a lot of us actually just drive down the morning before the first match starts. 

Matches start at 8:00 am so make sure you check your court assignments! If you are playing, then aim to be there by 7:15 or otherwise dictated by your coach. 

GOOD LUCK LADIES AND COACHES! Let's start this season off strong!

Gold Division Tournament Schedules

We now have our tournament dates locked in for our Gold Division teams! Soon we will have these all plugged into the Gold Team Calendar section of the website so you will be able to check all season, but for time purposes we will make it quick and simple and show you the overall schedules. Look for your team and see your schedule! Also, keep in mind that the UCVA, NUVA, and EIVA tournament's locations are not known to us yet. UCVA and NUVA will be in upper Utah, while EIVA will be in Idaho. We will have those specific tournament locations up and posted as soon as we know. Thank you everyone for your patience with us!

Idaho Peak 18 Kristi Dates

UCVA Power: Feb 3rd

Las Vegas Classic: Feb 17-19

UCVA Power: March 2-3rd

EIVA: March 17th

PNQ: March 23-25th

NUVA: April 7th

UCVA Power: April 14th


Idaho Peak 17 Kylie Dates

UCVA Power: Feb 3rd

NUVA: Feb 17th

UCVA Power: March 2-3rd

EIVA: March 17th

PNQ: March 23-25th

NUVA: April 7th

UCVA Power: April 14th

Far Western: April 27-29th


Idaho Peak 17 Pauline Dates

UCVA Power: Feb 3rd

Triple Crown: Feb 17-19

UCVA Power: March 2-3rd

EIVA: March 17th

PNQ: March 23-25th

NUVA: April 7th

UCVA Powe: rApril 14th

Far Western: April 27-29th


Idaho Peak 17 Pyper Dates

UCVA Power: Feb 3rd

NUVA: Feb 17th

UCVA Power: March 2-3rd

EIVA: March 17th

PNQ: March 23-25th

NUVA: April 7th

UCVA Powe:r: April 14th

Far Western: April 27-29th


Idaho Peak 16 Kaitlyn Dates

UCVA Power: Feb 3rd

NUVA: Feb 24th

UCVA Powe: rMarch 2-3rd

EIVA: March 10th

PNQ: March 30-Apr 1

UCVA Power: April 14th

SoCal (Vegas): April 21-23rd

EIVA Grand Prix: April 28th


Idaho Peak 15 Alexis Dates

UCVA Power: Feb 3rd

NUVA: Feb 24th

UCVA Power: March 2-3rd

EIVA: March 10th

PNQ: March 23-25th

EIVA: April 7th

UCVA Power: April 14th

Far Western: April 21-23rd


We have officially opened our Idaho Peak Volleyball Gear Store! And after you go through, you will literally want to buy everything I guarantee it. The best part is, you are able to order your OWN jersey through this store!

Please follow the steps below to order your jerseys:

      1. Go to

2. Click on "Teams/Rosters" section (or just click the "GOLD DIVISIONS TEAMS HERE" button below)

3. Go to your team that you have been listed with

4. Find your name (it is in alphabetical order) and check what jersey number we have now given you. *This step is MAJORLY important, because we revised several of the numbers we already sent out so PLEASE CHECK YOUR NUMBER AGAIN. 

5. After you have your jersey number, click on the "Store" section of the main navigation up top of the website. 

6. Click on the button at the bottom of the page that says "Store" and it will take you right to the site where you must order BOTH of your jerseys and where you can also hint at couple Christmas presents you might want (wink, wink). 


Enjoy ladies!



JERSEY REVISION for Gold Division Teams


Please make sure to check this post! Your number might be one of the numbers we switched!

Our Co-Directors were not super fond of the large numbers for jerseys! So luckily we were able to go back through and revise some numbers. We have now assigned new jersey numbers to some kids, so please check through the list below to see if you received a new number! 

Thank you everyone!

Kara Koplin #1

Hannah Weeks #2

Mele Fiefia #3

Alaina Child #4

Savannah Cano #5

Jacquelyn Christensen #6

Makiya Bond #7

Nicole Troyer #8

Hannah Hearn #9

Brianna HIldreth #10

Sydney Hess #10

Jillian Nuding #14

Cierra Dansie #15

Shelby Squires #17

Presley Walker #19

Lizzy Fellows #22

Summer Dabell #23

Madison Shipley #25

Abby Christensen #26

Black Tryouts Start Tonight

All athletes who are attending our Black Division tryouts this week,

We have a clarification we'd like to make for tonight's tryout in Idaho Falls! This tryout is SOLELY for kids who cannot attend Wednesday's or Friday's tryout dates. We understand that many of our athletes play basketball, so we are setting this date up tonight for those who have basketball conflicts (or other conflicts) on the other two dates and absolutely cannot attend. This tryout tonight will be at Campbell gym close to the mall in Idaho Falls. 

Pocatello Black Division tryouts, remember that registration is from 8:00 - 8:30 pm in the conference room of the MEC and then tryouts will start at 8:30 and go until 10:00. 

Idaho Falls Black Division tryouts will start Wednesday! (Unless you cannot make that or Friday, then please go tonight)


* (Do this beforehand)* 1.  Fully register online through Create an account and follow the steps to register for our club!

2. $250 check for your tryout deposit fee. You may pay this online as well when you finish registering, however it charges and extra $16 processing fee to do it online. 

3. A medical release form IF YOU COULD NOT UPLOAD IT TO THE WEBSITE. If you did upload  it to the website, then do not bring a medical release form. We will already have it. We DO NOT need a physical form either. Thank you!

We are so excited to see all of you tonight, Wednesday and Friday! 

Also, we have not set up our Jerseys for Black Division yet, so do not worry about filling out a Jersey Number Request form yet, or a Roster Privacy form yet. Those will be coming up shortly on the to do list! If you already have filled one out, then we might be kindly asking you to re-fill one out when we are ready. 

Thank you so much for your participation, support, and enthusiasm for Idaho Peak!

Jersey Numbers Assigned and Roster Information Updated

Athletes of Idaho Peak Gold Division Teams,

We have received most of your jersey number requests and your roster privacy forms! We have officially assigned you jersey numbers (yippee!). Please realize that if you did not receive the number you requested, we deeply apologize for that. We based our selection on seniority and did the very best that we could to get you a jersey number close to what you asked for. For some requests we even combined your two numbers to make a final number! For example, choice #1 and choice #4 became ultimately #14 in the end. If we did not receive a request, then we went ahead and assigned you a number after going through all of the request forms (Kristi's 18s, we still need your number requests from 4 kids!). You may go see what jersey number you received by clicking on the "Teams/Rosters" section on the main page, then click on the team you were placed. 

You will also notice that most of you have also completed the "Privacy Roster Form." If you completed this, then you will see that information up under your name! If you marked yes for the inclusion of a "head shot" then we will be taking those right around when practices start in January. If you did not complete a form, then just your name and jersey number is showing. 

We also need you to complete your USAV registration ASAP! The majority of you have not finished this, which we will need in order to finish setting up the season tournaments. It is super quick and you can get on to check that off of your registration list. 

Thank you everyone!

Idaho Peak Volleyball Club

Gold Division Teams Announced!

We have our Gold teams ready to go! Thank you once again for all who participated in tryouts and signed on to play with our club. Due to the fact that we only desire 9 girls max on each team, that means that we did not have the exact number of kids who tried out to be divided up evenly on teams. If you did not make a Gold Team because of this factor, do not worry. We will have some extremely competitive Black Division teams to play on as well. If you would like to attend the Black Tryouts for a chance to play more volleyball (not to try out again technically, we already have your information) we will gladly see you there! It is not mandatory though. 

Now, once you find your team ladies, please finish filling out the forms on our website we need from you to complete your player rosters and jersey numbers! If you go onto the website and click under the "Forms" section, then you will come across both forms to fill out. One will be for your Jersey Number request (we are taking requests, however these numbers are not a 100% guarantee, but we will do our best) and another form will be for your Roster Privacy. We'd like to make sure you are comfortable with what we are putting on our website under our "Teams & Rosters" section. 

Thank you all! We are one step closer to starting the club season and we could not be more excited.


Idaho Peak Volleyball Club

Pocatello Black Division Tryouts

Black Division tryouts for the Pocatello area will be held at the Mountain View Event Center (MEC) from 8:30 - 10:00 pm on November 27th and 28th. CHECK IN time will be held from 8:00 - 8:30 pm, so please be prepared to bring your tryout deposit check and have your daughter take a quick picture with a name card that has her name, birthday, and high school on it. These pictures will be used to help us better place your daughter on a team. 

Thank you all, and make sure to be fully registered with all paperwork online at before trying out.  

We are excited to see you all! 

Jriven for Pocatello Idaho Peak Athletes

Pocatello Idaho Peak athletes,

Our Co-Direction Pauline Thiros has made it possible for you to receive a great deal on strength and conditioning classes with Jriven! Zoe Thiros, who has committed to Gonzaga University, has been working with Jriven and the results are extraordinary. If you would like to improve your agility, stamina, strength, vertical, or other aspects of your game, then please take advantage of this opportunity and work with Jriven. You may attend either of the two times set up specifically for Idaho Peak athletes:

1.   Mondays @ 4:15 pm

2.   Wednesdays @ 5:15 pm

They will charge just $50 a month and whether you are planning to play college or improve your high school game, strength and conditioning training has been proven to establish the difference in your volleyball skills. 

Let's see how Jriven you are!


Idaho Peak Volleyball Club

Idaho Peak Club Updates

Athletes and parents participating in Idaho Peak,

We'd like to announce a few quick updates for you all! I know there have been plenty of questions and we hope to answer all of them. With that being said, here are some quick updates about what is happening in the club:

1.   All athletes in both Black and Gold divisions need to be registered with AAU. Use the club code WYW6Y4 during registration, which will sign you up with Eastern Idaho Volleyball Association. Use this link to register with:

2.   Gold Division athletes need to register with USAV as well. You can follow this link to register under:

3.   Gold Division teams will be announced next week, so keep your eyes out on our social media platforms and this website to see what team you/your daughter is on for the upcoming club season! *** Once your daughter is announced on a Gold team, we need you to jump on the website and click on the section labeled "Forms" and fill out a privacy roster form, which will take about 5 minutes is all. This will state what you would like us to post about your daughter online under the "Teams/Rosters" section.

4.   We are finishing setting up our link to ordering jerseys, so keep your eyes out next week for an update on when you can order your jerseys for the upcoming club season as well!

5.   If you are encountering emails stating that you are missing documents from, please jump on your account and double check that you have these 3 documents uploaded to your account:

               a. Player Contract form

               b. USAV Youth & Junior Volleyball Player Medical Release Form (*this is not the same as a physical form, you do not need a physical form to play with Idaho Peak, but you do need to fill out the medical release form from USAV)

               c. Electronic Signatures from both your parents and yourself as an athlete

               d. Your tryout deposit fee

We have uploaded and scanned all documents we received from tryouts, so if you are still receiving emails from stating you are missing something then please check your account first and compare with the checklist above. If you still have questions then you are welcome to email us at 

6.   Black tryouts for the Pocatello area will be announced soon! Our Co-Director Pauline Thiros is busy working on getting good gym times and space that will allow an excellent set up for tryouts. Keep your eyes out for those tryout dates to be posted soon Pocatello Idaho Peak participants!

7.   Black tryouts for the Idaho Falls area are still set up for Wednesday November 29th from 8:00 - 10:00 pm at Idaho Falls High School. We are setting up an additional day for Monday November 27th from 7:00 - 9:00 at Campbell Gym for ages 9th grade - 12th grade ONLY. 

8.   We may be able to get some open gym times available in this upcoming month of November and December. These are NOT mandatory, because we deeply understand basketball conflicts. However, if you are itching to play then we'd love to get these started with the hopes to get your hands on a ball and play. Keep your eyes out for these possible gym times on social media platforms on this website. 

9.  Fundraising information is up and posted, so please print off each of those forms you will need for fundraising and off to the races you go!

Thank you all for your patience, your participation, and your support of Idaho Peak. We are ecstatic to get this season started!


Idaho Peak Volleyball Club




Registration for All Coaches

Dear Coaches,

In order to be qualified to coach for Idaho Peak Volleyball Club, we need you to register and receive certification in a few areas. 

1. Idaho Peak Volleyball Club Coaches need to register for sure with AAU and EIVA club.


2. All Coaches for Black and Gold Division:

Go to the website: Create an account and register as a coach. 

Use the club code:  WYW6Y4

Email your receipt to Wendy Johnson at


3. *Gold Coaches ONLY:

            Register with USAV volleyball on the website

            Create or log into your account –

update any information, but on the top of the 2nd page of your registration please be sure to pick Idaho Peak Volleyball Club

            Additional fees with this might include a background check (usually good for 2 years)

            If you have not been IMPACT certified previously – you will need to register and complete that course through USAV volleyball:    

4. Email your registration receipts to Wendy Johnson at


Once you have registered and sent Wendy Johnson your receipts, she will submit your receipts to our club treasurer and have a check mailed to reimburse you for the expense.

Please have your registration done no later than by Thursday November 30th.

Thank you all!